Greenfire offers your organization one of the most sustainably innovative urban environments within which to incubate new ideas, solve problems and change the world.

Here are some of the sustainable features your organization will enjoy:

Durability & Adaptability

Steel and wood were selected as the framing materials based on their long term life span. Detailing and basic systems have been developed to promote and facilitate changes to the building over time.

Biocliamatic Design

The building is located a) to optimize access to sun and light through window orientation and quantity and shading devices and b) to maximize natural ventilation to the greatest degree possible through operable windows.

Energy Independence

The highly efficient building envelope, use of photovoltaics and geothermal systems allows a degree of energy independence and conservation for the tenants not typically afforded to them in an office building.

Water Use Efficiency

The campus has been designed to maximize the natural flow of water to habitat and uses within the building. Rain water is harvested for irrigation.

Ecological Design

A functioning native ecosystem with a wide diversity of plants along with a tree canopy has been designed to improve water quality and provide habitats for local birds and pollinators as well as a refuge for tenants.


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A la Mode Pies is a locally-owned pie bakery that creates exceptional handmade pies and tarts. Their three Seattle neighborhood cafes, located in the heart of West Seattle, Phinney Ridge, and Ballard are open daily from 10-9pm. Visit their website to order online for delivery or pick up!

Wilburforce Foundation

Wilburforce Foundation empowers conservation leaders to protect the irreplaceable lands, waters, and wildlife of the Western North America. They support and connect organizations and individuals that are committed to protecting wild places and the wildlife that depend on them.


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